This latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors features the King of the Gorons out getting hammered.

We found out last week that Darunia, Sheik and Princess Ruto were all joining the official roster of Hyrule Warriors. Now, we finally get to see the first of them in action, starting with the only other playable male character announced so far (besides Link, but come on -- his outfits are unisex), Darunia. Being the King of the Gorons, Darunia is massive and powerful. He can also roll into a ball and run over the enemy masses, 'Critters' style.

What's even more impressive than a huge Goron fighting Ganon's forces? One wielding the Megaton Hammer. Be ready to do Darunia's ocarina dance of crazy once Hyrule Warriors launches on Sept. 26 exclusively on Wii U.

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