A beefy new trailer for Hyrule Warriors has been unveiled, giving us a look at previously-confirmed characters in action, as well as a few of the game's features.

The rather length trailer for the Wii U game featured a showcase of the confirmed characters and their attacks in Hyrule Warriors. We get to see Link himself, Impa the Hyrulean Captain, the White Sorceress Lana, the Sheikah Warrior Sheik, the dance-loving Goron Chief Darunia, the Zora Princess Ruto, the Twilight Princess Midna, the Usurper King Zant, Princess of Insects Agitha, the Goddess Sword Fi, the Demon Lord Girahim (otherwise known as the Fabulous Debbie) and Princess Zelda herself, armed with her Light Arrows and the Wind Waker baton itself.

Prepare to explode with glee, Legend of Zelda fans. Not only is there a bunch of great hack-and-slash action starring your favorite Zelda heroes and villains, but there are plenty of mini-games, a chance to play the NES original and more to explore when this game is released on Sept. 26 for the Wii U. Just watch out for the Cucco army.

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