Yet another new trailer for Hyrule Warriors surfaced from the Koei Tecmo camp, this time showing off one of Princess Zelda's newest weapons: The Wind Waker baton.

It sounds silly, as no Zelda monster would ever be daunted by a princess wielding a small stick, but the Wind Waker actually looks like a potent weapon. By slashing foes with strong winds and creating giant tornadoes that sweep up countless enemies, we get the feeling that we're going to love using the Wind Waker. It also helps that famous jingles panning entire the Zelda franchise play during the Wind Waker's big moves. We definitely heard Saria's Song and the Song of Storms during the trailer.

If Hyrule Warriors is going to turn the Wind Waker baton into a monster killing machine, who knows what other items from Zelda's lore will be returning. Will someone fight with the Megaton Hammer? Maybe the Tornado Rod from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will make an appearance. Heck, let's see the Cane of Somaria drop some blocks and have Link throw them at enemies. Koei Tecmo has a ton of Zelda references to choose from, and we're interested to see how far they are going to go.

Hyrule Warriors launches September 26th for the Wii U, and we'll have more on the game as its release date approaches.

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