Those of you hoping that Nintendo would start selling that awesome scarf Link has in Hyrule Warriors for the upcoming colder seasons in order to make tons of money are in for some bad news.

The Nintendo World Store that operates out of Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, NY has just Tweeted that Hyrule Warriors' Limited Edition is living up to its namesake and will not be made available for online orders. The Limited Edition will be highly sought after because it features a replica scarf of the one Link wears throughout the game. It sold remarkably well in Japan and Nintendo has decided to only sell it at the Nintendo World Store.

Since most of you want it and will likely not be able to score one, we must comment that it is marketing decisions like this that is killing the Big N. They have a potential huge sell on its hands with this scarf. These types of decisions, such as Super Smash Bros.' lack of support for the Circle Pad Pro but support of the New 3DS' second stick, just leaves us screaming "what are they thinking?" in terms of how things are being run in the House of Mario. If Nintendo of Japan were to make a deal with whomever made the original scarves, mass produce them and sell them for $100 bucks a pop on their website, they'd sell like... well, like authentic Zelda gear.

Nintendo has a huge chance to make beaucoup bucks for a mass-produced Collector's Edition for one of the Wii U's only anticipated titles of 2014 that isn't Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart.

Hyrule Warriors' Limited Edition will go on sale on Sept. 26 (the game's release date) at 8AM EDT at the Nintendo World Store and will likely sell out quickly. We suggest showing up early -- like a day early.