Link, Zelda and the rest of the Hyrule Warriors gang are going portable while a few new characters join the fight.

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo announced they are bringing last year's hit action game, Hyrule Warriors, to the Nintendo 3DS. Obviously, some major graphical changes have to be made in order to effectively bring the game from the Wii U to the 3DS. In particular, Hyrule Warriors Legends has adopted a cel-shaded look on the 3DS, just as Super Smash Bros. did. This animated look lowers graphical demands while still having some decent-looking models on the screen without dropping the frame rate to hell.

In terms of new features, you can expect Tetra and King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule from Wind Waker to be added to the game. Anyone who gets the 3DS version of the game will also unlock them for its Wii U counterpart. You're also able to change characters on the fly in the midst of battle. All of Hyrule Warriors' previously released DLC will be included in Legends as well.

Hyrule Warriors Legends will hit the 3DS sometime in Q1 2016.

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