We have found out that Link and Princess Zelda's alternate costumes for Hyrule Warriors are going to be retailer-specific, along with which retailer is getting what outfit set.

UPDATE: Best Buy has confirmed to be the retailer that will provide Link and Zelda's Skyward Sword-themed costume DLC, as reported by Joystiq.

GameStop's listing for Hyrule Warriors has been changed to show it will be getting The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's outfits for both Princess Zelda and Link. This means that you will have to pre-order Hyrule Warriors at GameStop in order to get these two costumes. The same can be said for Amazon and its listing of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' outfits. Pre-ordering Hyrule Warriors at Amazon will give you the Twilight Princess costumes for Link and Zelda.

Unfortunately, we have yet to find out which retailer will be offering Zelda and Link's DLC outfits from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. In all likelihood, we expect Best Buy will have the Skyward Sword outfits. There is a possibility that they could also end up at Target, but Best Buy is more known for having pre-order bonuses. We really hope that Nintendo decides to put these costumes up for sale on the Nintendo eShop, because we feel that splitting three iconic costumes across three different retailers is rather unfair. Since Hyrule Warriors is milking off of nostalgia, you would think that these costumes would have just been a part of the game. Of course, you could always just buy the game three times and return two of them after using their pre-order codes, but who wants to deal with that. Ganon's outfits only require a Club Nintendo account.

Hyrule Warriors will launch on Sept. 26 exclusively on Wii U.

Of course Link needs that many outfits — he is found sleeping in every Legend of Zelda game.