Turn-based strategy gamers take note! You can get one of the best of them right now for free. Normally Hunters: Episode One will weigh-in at a robust five bucks. But for a short time, you can nab it for nothing. That right there is reason enough to make it today's Free App of the Day!

This well-reviewed game is one of the better turn-based strategy offerings on iOS right now. For squad-based tactical combat with RPG elements, look no further than Hunters: Episode One. It's right up there with similar titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force, where you are encouraged and rewarded for developing your own tactics and style of play.

One unique thing about this game is that each day you'll receive a set of contracts and missions which you’ll have a set amount of time to complete. These missions reset every 24 hours. So you will only have a small window of time before they reset to another bunch of randomly generated content.

So hop in that mine cart and get those gold nuggets and gems by downloading a copy of Hunters: Episode One today for your iPhone and iPad!

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