Those who are faint of heart may want to find a Viva Pinata article to read— it's about to get creepy up in here. Hunger, the new "suspense-adventure" game from developer Tarsier, will make you feel like a kid again. More specifically, it will make you feel like a terrified kid not sure if you're really awake or still stuck in a nightmare again.

Tarsier describes Hunger's story as simple; you play as a young girl trying to escape a labyrinth laden with monsters. Oh, and what monsters they are. As you can see from the trailer, Tarsier knows a thing or two about presentation. Hunger uses a dollhouse-esque look to its animation and design, resulting in backgrounds that tread close to the uncanny valley, and provide a sense of powerlessness for players.

Fans of horror games will often tell you that in order to really scare players, you need them to feel like they're navigating a world deadlier than they are, and that's exactly what Tarsier is going for with Hunger. You're no special ops marksman, or a genius engineer with high-powered future weapons. You're a child in a raincoat hoping desperately not to be seen by things you wish weren't there. Based on this teaser trailer alone, Hunger seems like it's going to be a deliciously tense horror experience.

Hunger has yet to receive an official release date, but will arrive on both consoles and PC when it is completed.