Humble Bundle enjoyed its first strategy weekly bundle so much that it released a second one whose proceeds will support GamesAid and Save the Children.

Yet another weekly bundle has been announced over at Humble Bundle, and this time it's the Weekly Bundle: Strategy 2. As the name suggests, this bundle will be comprised of some top name strategy games and will be live for a week. As usual, there are three different ways of paying for these games: you can get the first three games by paying any amount you want, two more by paying above the average donation payment and six games total by paying $12 total or more. You can get Frozen Synapse Prime, Shattered Planet and Skulls of the Shogun for whatever price your heart desires. If you pay above the average payment (at this time the average is $3.56), CastleStorm and Bloodsports.TV will be added on to your bundle. If you pay $12 or more, Endless Space: Emperor Edition will be added onto the bundle. All of these games come with steam keys, and Skulls of Shogun also offering a DRM free version for PC, Mac or Linux.

This weekly bundle will go towards supporting two different charities: GamesAid and Save the Children. GamesAid looks to brighten disadvantaged and disabled children's days by supplying smaller charities with the means to survive. It is a purely democratic charity with the smaller charities that it donates to in constant rotation based on a series of votes by its members. Save the Children is yet another charity dedicated to children, specifically by promoting their rights, providing relief and supporting children in developing countries. As per usual with Humble Bundle, you can allocate how much of what you pay goes to charity, the games' developers or Humble itself.

This bundle will only last until April 23 at 2:00PM EST, so if you're interested in any of the titles mentioned above or just helping out some pretty cool charities, make sure that you get in on the action before then.

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