Humble Bundle is known for its heartwarming contributions to charities, but this week it's going above and beyond with the Humble Weekly Bundle For Lovers.

In this week's Humble Bundle you will find eight items all revolving around love and girls in short skirts. The Humble Weekly Bundle For Lovers is here and with it comes seven heartfelt games, one pillowcase with a pigeon maid and some free, printable Valentine's Day Cards.

Just in time for Valentine's Day tomorrow, you can get Long Live The Queen, Analogue: A Hate Story and Go! Go! Nippon! -My First Trip to Japan- for whatever price your heart desires. If you decide you want to spend above the average amount, you can get World End Economica Episode .01, Hate Plus and Roomates - Deluxe Edition in addition to the previous games. If Cupid has really hit you with his love arrow and you're feeling generous (or you just really like the last game), you can pay $8 and get all the previous games as well as Hatoful Boyfriend. To top it off, if you're missing a Valentine and are feeling a little lonely you can get a Hatoful Boyfriend Lovers Pillowcase to keep you company at night as long as you pay $35 or more.

This week's Humble Bundle will go towards supporting World Land Trust and Worldreader. Worldreader is an organization that connects to children and families through e-books. It has provided readers with over 15,000 book titles in 44 different languages and 39 different countries. World Land Trust works to protect the, "world's most biologically important and threatened habitats."

Go check out the Humble Weekly Bundle For Lovers and, as always, choose how much of your money goes to the charity, the game developers and Humble Bundle themselves.