The Humble Store, Humble Bundle’s digital distribution platform, has been great for gamers, bringing a wide selection of triple-A games and indie titles to PCs for discounted prices. With 10 percent of every sale allocated to charity, it has also been great for a number of worthy causes. Today the good folks at Humble Bundle have announced that sales on the Humble Store have resulted in one million dollars in charitable donations.

A statement on the Humble Store announced that the million dollars has helped The American Red Cross’ disaster relief efforts, Child’s Play’s campaign to provide games to hospital-bound children, The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s fight for digital rights, the conservation of threatened habitats via the World Land Trust and Charity: Water’s efforts to provide clean water in developing nations.

The Humble Store was launched in November of 2013 with only nine games available. In only seven months, that number has risen to over 500 titles, including huge hits like Watch Dogs and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Unity, as well as smaller, but equally acclaimed indies like The Binding of Isaac, FTL and Gone Home. The library is growing every day, and with regular sales that further reduce already low prices on excellent games, the Humble Store is looking forward to the next million in charitable donations.