With the Immortal Hulk Hogan at the wheel of Crazy Taxi: City Rush, you Hulkamaniacs better say your prayers, eat your vitamins and roid up, brother.

Destructoid reports the free-to-play mobile game, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, is getting former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan as one of its drivers. The Hulk Takeover DLC of the game will be adding Hollywood Hogan and his red and yellow sports car to the vehicular extravaganza of Crazy Taxi. It makes sense that a former pro wrestler, who are known for absurd, over the top situations, would be down for Crazy Taxi. He better do his infamous leg drop on the flag of his car's taximeter. We have a feeling this will be a lot better than Hogan's boat-themed 'Thunder in Paradise' TV show.

iOS users can go to the App Store to download the free Hulk Takeover content and Android Users can do likewise at Google Play.