This gorgeous, Geometry Wars-inspired shoot 'em up is going to reel you back in for one more run.

Housemarque, a Helsink-based indie studio, has made a recent posting on its official Twitter that teases an upcoming expansion coming to its hit shooter, Resogun, in the form of downloadable content. Resogun featured eye-popping visuals and didn't hide any of its influences, but it was still an excellent twin-stick shooter and was one of the first downloadable titles offered for free on the PlayStation 4 if you had a PS Plus subscription.

Since Resogun is a spirtual successor to Housemarque's Super Stardust series (a rather excellent shooter series), we can't wait to see what else Housemarque can bring to its colorful, blaster-oriented title. Be sure to check out Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition on PlayStation 4 if you're a fan of Housemarque's style of shooters. Housemarque may not have announced any sort of launch window for this DLC, but our trigger fingers are already itching at the thought of it.