Gearbox Software has released a gorgeous story trailer for Homeworld Remastered's revamped version of Homeworld 2, showcasing its updated visuals and audio.

We're getting closer and closer to having this remastered Homeworld collection in our hands, and this new trailer of Homeworld 2 looks quite stellar (or should we say Interstellar). We get to see the huge visual upgrade that Gearbox Software has added to Homeworld firsthand. Fans of the series should be particularly interested in Homeworld 2's remastered version since it upped the ante in terms of stakes and scope when compared to the original title. With the video game industry putting out more and more HD remasters and all kinds of current-gen remakes, it takes a certain kind of star to shine when the skyline blurs and everything starts to look the same. Here's to hoping that Homeworld Remastered delivers.

For those who don't know, Homeworld is an RTS that first debuted in 1999. It was followed by the Cataclysm expansion the following year and full-fledged sequel in 2003. It has been more than a decade since we got to tackle this 3D RTS, and we're glad to see Relic Entertainment's debut title get the treatment it deserves after the studio was acquired by Sega and the Homeworld IP was sold to Gearbox Software when THQ went bankrupt in 2013.

Homeworld Remastered will launch on Feb. 25 on PC for $34.99. Steam has a pre-order discount in effect (15% off), making the Homeworld Remastered Collection cost only $29.74 until its release date.