Everyone loves a hockey fight. But a hockey fight set to classic video game music? Solid gold.

Kotaku found these two videos showcasing a couple of hockey fights during a Montreal/Dallas hockey game. Not a big deal, right? Hockey fights happen during every game. But whomever was running the PA system at American Airlines Arena is a fan of classic arcade games.

At the :40 second mark in the video above (we'll just let you see how the fight started first), Guile's theme song from the SNES version of Street Fighter II kicks in, turning this ordinary fight into a two-player battle to the death.

In the video below at the :18 second mark (again, we'll let you soak in how it starts), Cameron Gaunce from the Stars and Ryan White from the Canadiens get into it. Only this time, the training theme song from Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! is being played, turning this fight into one of epic video game proportions.

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