Pumpkin Studios is bringing us Hiveswap, a game that looks like a mix between The Chronicles of Narnia and Coraline, in a good way.

In Hiveswap you will be playing the part of Joey Claire, a young girl who sees a blue, glowy portal in her attic. Instead of staying far, far away from it, she decides to jump in. What she finds after being teleported to an alien world are creepy black creatures that have definitely dipped their mouths in radioactive goo. If you're checking out the gallery below and wondering why a lot of the characters look surprisingly similar to those in the MS Paint Adventures comic Homestuck, it's because the game will be based off of them.

Andrew Hussie, the creator of Homestuck will be working on not only this game, but also a sequel. The first game will follow the adventures of Joey after she gets teleported into the world of Alternia that's inhabited by a bunch of teenage trolls. The second game will focus on the adventures of a boy who was originally from Alternia that took Joey's place in the our world (so basically the same exact thing, but switched).

Hiveswap will consist of four different episodes that will feature five playable characters, over 100 NPCs, the troll-equivalent of Twitter and an original sountrack by James Roach and Toby Fox.

You can start trying to figure out how to get Joey back home when the episodic Hiveswap comes out for PC in mid-2015 (which is soon).