Square Enix Montreal has unveiled some details about their upcoming stealth/strategy game, Hitman GO. And yes, we mean that Hitman. What's more, this title will be for mobile devices. Go figure.

Hitman GO is meant to be a turn-based strategy game with diorama-style set pieces. You'll move Agent 47 around a grid and lead him around in order to avoid detection and take out his targets. According to this post on the Hitman website, 47 will have all of the tricks of his trade, including disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and his signature Silverballers.

Apparently the game is almost ready for launch, so it won't be long until we're assassinating foes on our phones and tablets. The team at Square Enix Montreal also teased another Hitman-related news update for mobile fans soon, so we'll keep you abreast of anything they announce.