Matt Thorston of Matt Makes Games has an exciting announcement for TowerFall fans--a new expansion.

In his post on the PlayStation Blog, Thorston wrote, "we've had countless requests for new levels, characters, power-ups, and modes". Well, the community asked for it, and Thorston brought it to life. Something that Thorston makes quite clear is that this is an expansion not DLC. The expansion includes characters, levels, power-ups, locations, and much more. Everyone is invited to keep up with the development of the expansion on the TowerFall blog. There blog keeps up with everything from character concepts to game play. It even includes things that didn't make the cut of the expansion, such as the Rose Amulet power-up.

The Vainglorious Ghoul is featured in Thorston's post as one of the new archers for the widely popular game. She's pictured as sort of an undead-pirate-chick standing on the skull of one of her poor victims. She owns a ship called The Amaranth, which makes up one of the new levels. These new levels are scattered about the Dark World, the world that the expansion is named after. Thorston describes it as a "twisted reality parallel to the TowerFall world you're familiar with".

Overall, the expansion will have everything that its fans asked for and more. If you're excited to play it, you can start to in early 2015.