Blizzard is placing its stake in the MOBA market that spawned from Warcraft III as Heroes of the Storm gets an official release date and an open beta.

Heroes of the Storm has been pretty exclusive since it originally came out for technical alpha testing in October, but Blizzard has now announced that soon it will finally be open to the general public. Heroes of the Storm is another MOBA, but it's far from ordinary with a whole cast of characters from the Blizzard universe. It has many different game modes including a tutorial and practice mode, a cooperative mode, a quick mode, ranked mode, team ranked mode and big head mode (which has unfortunately been discontinued). However, its modes aren't the only things that come in high numbers — there are also about 35 different heroes that you can choose from.

The different heroes in the game are what players will use to take to the battlefield in an ongoing battle against the opposing team. You can play as your favorite Blizzard character including Jaina Proudmoore, Diablo, Tychus or many more to defend your base from the enemy.

There will be two very exciting milestones happening for Heroes of the Storm very soon. First, there will be an open beta testing period starting May 19 where all the people who have been so anxiously awaiting a key can get in without the hassle. Then, when that beta testing has finally petered out, Heroes of the Storm will officially launch on June 2.