Coverage of Blizzard's collegiate Heroes of the Dorm tournament aired on ESPN 2, and let's just say that Heroes of the Storm didn't do as well as we had hoped.

Heroes of the Storm's sub-Reddit found that this past Sunday's coverage of the Heroes of the Dorm collegiate tournament only got a .1 Nielsen rating for its time slot. This means that out of all the homes participating in Nielsen's ratings system, only .1 percent tuned in to watch the program. At the same time, this doesn't take into account DVR, TiVo and online streaming for the event, which is sure to have a much higher viewership. We hope this doesn't discourage ESPN from airing more eSports coverage in the future, as we loved watching the event.

With the MLB regular season starting, Game of Thrones' latest episode debuting and playoff matches airing for both the NHL and NBA, it's no surprise that Heroes of the Storm had underwhelming viewership this past Sunday night (come on, it's ESPN 2). Don't forget that last year ESPN President John Skipper claimed that eSports are not sports, but merely a competition, equating them to chess or checkers. If games like bowling, dart throwing and competitive gun shooting are all considered suitable for ESPN, so should eSports.

The responses to the Heroes of the Dorm event being aired on ESPN 2 are what you would expect, with some people saying that video games don't belong on the channel while others surprisingly enjoyed the program: