A beefy, new gameplay video for Hellraid features some commentary that sheds more light on Ayden's fantasy-fueled rampage.

Hope you're ready for 21 minutes of pure, Hellraid gameplay. The video is taken from a livestream, with commentary provided by game-playing dudes from Techland, Mike and Paul. The version of the game is only an alpha build, so they stress that fans should head to the forums to point out bugs and the like

In the video, we're treated to a lot of story told through Ayden's dialogue and the voice of his dead sister ringing inside his head. While the narrative is all well and good, we came to see some violence of the sword-pokey, hammer-smashy, magic-blow-uppy variety.And we're glad to say that Ayden delivers. Not only does each weapon have a fast and heavy attack, capable of bring down the mightiest of wooden barrels, but they also have parries. Time these parries perfectly and follow up with your own devastating barrage of blows to feel like a real badass. Or if magic's more your game, you can cast quick shots or charge them up for stronger effects. For example, you can either shoot ice crystals at enemies or charge up the spell to fire off a frost beam that freezes enemies, allowing you to shatter them no matter what their HP.

Watch the video above and see Hellraid in all its glory, running on the Chrome Engine 6. We'll have to wait a while until it shows up on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015, but that's not too bad a wait.