This CGI, cinematic retelling of a PlayStation 3 favorite is getting ready for its Blu-ray, DVD and digital launch this September.

'Heavenly Sword' is gearing up for its home theater debut, IGN reports. Based on its latest trailer, 'Heavenly Sword' is certainly raising the bar when it comes to video game-based movies. The film's plot will be following in the footsteps of the 2007 PlayStation 3 title of the same name. Nariko is a tribeswoman who must bring an magical sword to its foretold wielder. Returning to voice Nariko is Anna Torv, of 'Fringe' fame, and in her path is the evil King Bohan, who is played by Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus from 'Spider-Man 2'). Also appearing in 'Heavenly Sword' is the Punisher himself, Thomas Jane, as Loki.

Nariko's quest to bring her magical sword to a reincarnated god starts on Sept. 2 when 'Heavenly Sword' arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. It will also be available on the PlayStation Network.