Gaming's favorite digitalized pop idol has gotten her vocaloid style infused with the designs of Tetsuya Nomura.

Hatsune Miku's redesign has jumped from Final Fantasy designer and director Tetsuya Nomura's artbook  into full-motion video. We got to see the singer's re-imagined look, which goes by the title "Hatsune Miku x Tetsuya Nomura," in action on HatsuneMiku's YouTube account. This new version of Miku debuted at "Universal Positivity," an Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition based in Wallplay, New York.

No matter how lifelike she gets, we still think Hatsune Miku is kind of creepy, especially when you consider how popular it has gotten over the past few years. Sure, the popularity of hologram performances starring dead musicians and bands like Dethklok and the Gorillaz help broaden our experiences with unorthodox music acts, but watching Miku still seems somewhat alien to us. Then again, the masses are already so accustomed to lip-synching in the music industry, it's no surprise Miku has gotten such a positive response.