A music-based runner mobile title has just been unveiled at PAX East by the house that created Dance Central and Rock Band.

Harmonix has officially unveiled its mobile runner title, Record Run, Polygon reports. At PAX East, Harmonix's studio head, Alex Rigopulos, helped unveil Record Run and stated that it will be free-to-play. Record Run will be be able to import songs from your phone's personal library and integrate it into its gameplay.

Rigopulos showed a video of Record Run which featured a character running down a sidewalk as a song from his smartphone was playing. During the gameplay, the main character would dodge obstacles as it collected vinyl records. Unfortunately, Harmonix did not hint at a launch window for Record Run nor did it mention any kind of extended release beyond mobile devices. Before the presentation ended, Rigopulos played a video that showed a montage of 13 different mobile projects that Harmonix has in the works.