343 Industries' Halo Online has launched its beta in Russia, but some modders have taken it upon themselves to make it release sooner in North America (sort of).

Many PC gamers aren't happy that Halo Online is only available in Russia so they decided to take it upon themselves to get the Halo PC experience they've been looking for. In the video above (courtesy of Polygon), you can check out some Halo Online gameplay that looks like your standard Halo experience. While the game is "very fast paced," Reddit user KaptainPoland goes on to say that it is unfortunately too easy to play because of the huge red markers that you can see above players' heads.

Despite Microsoft trying desperately to get these non-Russian gameplay sessions shut down, the modders won't be stopping any time soon since they have managed to find copies of the game's client. Although there is quite a bit of lag in the video that YouTuber GamingPranks says is because of the instability of the PS2p connection, this won't stop Halo fans from playing.

The hackers who have managed to get their hands on a copy have been stopped by Microsoft, after it took down the uploaded toolkit. The Big M removed this content under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. However, these hackers have managed to play the game long enough to say that Halo Online is definitely a pay-to-win scheme with its customizable aspects that cost real life cash, yay.