Surviving the zombie apocalypse in the greatest of ways, Daybreak Game's H1Z1 sold a million copies in just two months.

Polygon reports that H1Z1 is raking in some big bucks for the Daybreak Game Company after selling a million copies since its release two months ago. John Smedley, Daybreak Game Company's president, went straight to Twitter to announce how well its game is doing, mentioning that it has sold over one million copies on Steam within just two months of the game's early access launch in January. The game isn't even fully done yet and it's already sold over one million copies. Because people love zombies... and zombies love braaaaains.

This is definitely the reassurance that Daybreak needed after everything that has recently happened to the company. The Daybreak Game Company used to be Sony Online Entertainment, but was sold to Columbus Nova, an investment firm. Since then, the company has been seeing its fair share of losses in terms of staff members in order to cut costs. Obviously, these recent sales numbers are probably a welcome relief for the company.

Since its release in January, H1Z1 has been no stranger to game updates. They have been coming not only fast, but also in great numbers. The game now has new features being added steadily, but it has also lost a few things, namely players. Smedley revealed that the team over at Daybreak has banned over 5,000 accounts who were caught cheating (shouldn't anything go during a zombie outbreak?).

H1Z1 is out now for Steam Early Access for $19.99.