To celebrate Gamescom 2015, FreeStyleGames confirmed that microphone-based singing will be featured in Guitar Hero Live.

This latest behind the scenes video showcases playing at music festivals during your fictional career in Guitar Hero Live. FreeStyleGames went to great lengths to try and replicate the music festival process, having thrown real life mini-festivals just to record live crowds of people to be your festival's audience while playing. Obviously, these crowds are well aware if you're shredding through your song or if you're dead in the water. Likewise, you also have a fictional band alongside you, and your fellow bandmates will encourage you to pick it up if you're stumbling with your guitar strumming. I just hope these recorded crowds and bandmates don't get too repetitive after a while. Rock the Block and SoundDial are just two of the music festivals you'll be playing throughout Guitar Hero Live. Just like in real life, some of these festivals will be taking place out in open fields with massive crowds and some will be packed tight within city streets. Nevertheless, it's on you to have a good show.

FreeStyleGames dropped a bomb on us in terms of revealing that you'll be able to plug a microphone into your console and have the game grade your vocals, just like in Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5. While FreeStyle's developers didn't reveal if there's an official microphone on the way, it's Activision — there's probably three different official kinds being made and a limited edition one. If you plug in a mic into your console, you'll have the lyrics appear at the top of your screen and can sing along. The game will score your singing separately from your guitar playing, so you can feel free to try both or to separate the roles between you and a friend.

Guitar Hero Live is set to launch on Oct. 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There's also a mobile version of Guitar Hero Live set to launch at a later date.

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