ArenaNet and NCsoft are going to update Guild Wars 2's dungeon and boss mechanics soon. What will the changes mean for Tyria's adventurers?

Content designer Robert Hrouda has posted on the Guild Wars 2 site with a bit of info concerning some of the changes that will be made in the following months. He says that the updates will make the game more fun and challenging, before going into the details of phase 1.

The biggest change in phase 1 is the removal of "res-rushing", which is a technique that players use upon death in a dungeon. It involves resurrecting immediately after death and running back instead of waiting for a resurrection from fellow party members.

Hrouda says that this technique throws teamwork out of the window, so he hopes that by eliminating it, more group-based play will be fostered. When the change is implemented, players will be unable to use waypoints while their party is engaged in combat. The only times they can use waypoints are when the party wipes or if they run from the battle. The corpse run is a time-honored tradition, but if getting rid of res-rushing is a good way to get folks playing together as a team, then we're all for it. It's a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, after all.

Phase 2 will focus on boss battles, elite enemies, and how their health and mechanics can be changed. They also want to look at how players are rewarded for their efforts. Maybe this will mean some more epic loot in the future in return for time spent downing mobs?

If you have anything you want to say in terms of feedback, Hrouda invites you to come on down to the dungeon forum and offer your thoughts.

Of course, you can always tell us how you feel in the comments below!