The concept art for Horizon, Guerrilla Games' next project, seems to have leaked on a Chinese forum.

A post on AllGamesBeta shows two of the leaked images. While not very much is known about the title, we can kind of glean some details from the concept art. There seems to be a huge focus on mechanized beasts that resemble prehistory creatures... like a messload of Dinobots! There are characters present that might hint at character classes, with each wielding different weapons. There are pistols, tomahawks, spears and crossbows.

The robot dinosaur designs look incredible and we can't wait to find out more about them. We're hoping players will be able to ride these suckers, if not try to bring them down with an armory's worth of weapons.

We'll update you with more information about the Killzone developer's next project as more details are made available.

Guerrilla Games