Rockstar has starting swinging the banhammer at all the players who have been using mods (including cosmetic ones) in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online.

VG247 reports multiple Grand Theft Auto Online players using the PC version of the game are claiming they are being banned for using a variety of different mods. Grand Theft Auto V's PC sub-Reddit contains numerous posts and complaints from gamers saying they were wrongfully banned. While it's obvious that players who use game-breaking mods to their advantage in the GTA Online's competitive multiplayer mode should be banned, others are getting the same treatment just for using cosmetic mods, which do nothing but change how the game looks for the player. For those who don't know, cosmetic mods simply add visual changes to the game, such as swapping out a character or vehicle model out for a different one visible to the player.

Here's what one user was hit with for just using a mod that changes his field of view:

Rockstar Games

It could be that the FOV mod the person was using was misinterpreted by Rockstar as one of the outlawed type of mods. At the same time, many other players are reporting that they are playing the game just fine while still using their cosmetic mods. A few users were open about using mods that gave them an unfair advantage in GTA Online and were still able to play.

Here's what one user got in response from Rockstar support when asking about whether or not FOV and other cosmetic mods were fine to use:

Rockstar Games

Unfortunately, Rockstar has yet to reveal a list of offenses that can get you banned in GTA Online, which would certainly help the freedom-embracing community of mod users out there.