Next week’s High Life update for Grand Theft Auto V's GTA Online is set to class things up a bit when it releases on Tuesday, May 13. Today the Rockstar site has detailed exactly what we can expect from the update.

Nothing says “High Life” like a swanky new pad, and next week’s update will give players more real estate options to choose from. Five new properties will be added, including Eclipse Towers and Richards Majestic, all featuring new interior designs.

A new pad, however, doesn’t mean you’ll need to abandon your old place. Players will now be able to own two distinct properties in LS, effectively doubling garage space. To help fill up that new garage, four new vehicles will make their appearance: the Enus Huntley SUV, Dewbauchee Massacro sports car, Pegassi Zentorno supercar and Dinka Thrust motorcycle. These new rides can be used in any race type, including the newly added “Non-Contact” races. These allow players to play standard races with player collisions disabled.

In Los Santos, every single player on the map represents a threat to your life, but the new Mental State player stat will show just how dangerous players are. Attacking others will change your mental state, which can be seen by other players, letting them know whether you’re likely to drive by without incident or start spraying lead at first sight.

Other additions will include new wardrobe options, new gestures, new vehicle horn sounds, a new weapon, the Bullpup Rifle, and 15 new jobs.

Though the High Life update adds plenty of cool content, and will probably lure me back to the mean streets of Los Santos, all players really want is heists. These multi-faceted missions, critical to the game’s single-player campaign, have been promised for the online side since day one. Alas, Rockstar has yet to announce anything about when we’ll be able to join our friends in elaborate robbery schemes. Here’s hoping the next update is titled “The Job,” because people are getting impatient, and a frustrated Los Santos is a truly terrifying thing.