Petroglyph Games' newest title, Grey Goo, sounds silly, but it takes our favorite aspects of 'The Blob' and combines it with 'Starship Troopers.'

Grey Goo was announced in March of last year, slated for release during the fall, but ended up getting pushed back. With a trailer as pretty as the one above, we don't see anyone complaining. The game centers around three different factions that inhabit the stars -- the Humans, the Betas and the Goo... because why not. You will have to think fast in order to survive to the end. Playable races include the Prothean-looking Beta, who just want "their home and a place in the universe;" the Humans, who "fight for understanding and to correct past mistakes;" or the Goo, who "fight for survival." This new game will meld the intricacies of real-time strategy games with the beauty of modern technology in a messy fight for the cosmos. Sure, the Humans are the Terrans, the Betas are the Protoss and the Goo is the Zerg, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

You can catch Grey Goo on PC (via Steam) starting Jan. 23.