Rockstar Games is trying to soften the blow of Grand Theft Auto V's PC release being pushed back again by placating us with some screens and, well, it's working.

If there's one thing that Rockstar has been shoving down our throats about the repeatedly delayed PC release of Grand Theft Auto V, it's that it has some pretty awesome graphics. Every time the version of Los Santos is brought up, Rockstar always goes on about its immaculate visuals. Looking at these screens now, we can assure you, Rockstar isn't lying. You can see the individual bricks in the buildings and the separate stitches in the characters' shirts -- you can see everything.

These screens aren't the only thing that Rockstar has come up with to soften third delay of the PC version. If you pre-order the game (which you will now have even more time to do because of the date being push back), you will get some sweet in-game cash. Namely, $300,000 in in-game cash if you order by March 31. This can be used in GTA Online and is in addition to the $1,200,000 you get for pre-ordering.

There will still be other snippets of information that will be released on Grand Theft Auto V as it comes closer to its official release date of April 14 for PC. For now, check out the screens below and marvel at all of those gorgeous details. Los Santos is quite grimy, but it all looks beautiful.