The release of Grand Theft Auto 5 is nigh. Just before its release, a video has been posted that features the developers at DMA Design and how they crafted the first Grand Theft Auto game, thereby creating a legend.

Posted by The Guardian, the video contains some NSFW language, though that's only par for the course when talking about the Grand Theft Auto series. We learn about the game's early beginnings and the trouble that went into developing it, such as figuring out how to create truly enjoyable missions that were fun and rewarded players.

Some of the trouble came from the writers having different visions than that of the level designers, so experiences would be jumbled and become very unclear. At one point, it even looked like GTA might never work. Thankfully, it all came together in the end and resulted in the first game in a very popular series.

Watch the video above and then look out for Grand Theft Auto 5 tomorrow when it's released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.