Rockstar Games has posted a new TV spot for Grand Theft Auto Online, showcasing its amazing Heists at a fluid 60fps.

This new trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online is getting us hyped up for going multiplayer in Los Santos and Blaine County on PC, especially with its 60 frames per second action. You'll have to adjust the quality of the YouTube video to make sure you're watching with the full visual capabilities in play, but even then it still won't look as good as the final product on a high-end PC. Watching this trailer reminds us that it's time for us to tune our gaming rigs and start beefing up for our crimes in Los Santos in just a couple of weeks.

As we all know, Heists are comprised of multiple missions leading to one grand caper. Usually organized by Lester Crest, Ron Jakowski or another one of Grand Theft Auto V's supporting cast members, these Heists are awesome when played in a tight group of friends who are there for the long haul — "the big one!" as the protagonists said during the main game. The trailer shows that you will be taking missions from the likes of Trevor Phillips as well, showing that even the main characters of GTA V will be involved with these missions to some extent as well, most likely as just NPCs and mission-givers.

After a few bumps in the road and multiple delays, Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online will finally be hitting PC on April 14.