It's been a wild week for gamers thus far, and Rockstar continued the fun by revealing the first details on Grand Theft Auto 5's online component in a new trailer.

Dubbed Grand Theft Auto Online, the idea is to provide a persistent and dynamic online world where you and 15 other friends can hang out to do whatever you desire. Like the core game, there will be missions you can take on with friends, as well as activities and other events in the game world.

You'll also be able to fully customize your character, and you can buy cars and property, too. Completing missions will earn you cash and experience, which you can then use to grow your criminal notoriety. Most importantly, Grand Theft Auto Online will continue to evolve and grow after release, as Rockstar plans on adding new content to keep the multiplayer fresh.

Check out the trailer, and let us know what you think about Grand Theft Auto Online.