Google has taken the job that you always wanted as a kid and made it into an elaborate joke. The good thing is, they were rather serious about finding the very best, like no one ever was.

Sure, the next 24 hours will be filled with a plethora of Internet gags and false reports, but Google has taken the initiative to April Fools' Day and has blurred the line between hilarity and seriousness. Google's new Pokemon challenge will feature an update to the Google Maps app which will help open the door to the world of Pikachu, Squirtle and the rest of the gang.

If you hit the search bar on Google Maps, you should see a blue Pokeball you can tap to start the Pokemon challenge (you may have to upgrade to the latest version of Google Maps). You can actually move around and as Google Maps tracks your travelling, you can try to find an assortment of 150 Pokemon scattered throughout the land on your phone.

While you don't really have to go to the physical locations of each Pokemon on the map, you can just search the app and find each one, but it's much more fun to go outdoors and do it yourself. While you have the app open, make sure you do a search for the Googleplex (Google's headquarters) and see what it looks like in the Pokemon universe.

Google claims it will invite applicants who catch all 150 Pokemon to the Googleplex for a final round of hiring (most likely as a form of randomly selected winners who caught them all). On Sept. 1, Google will officially announce the hiring of its first and only Pokemon Master. The struggle to be the very best will end on Wednesday, April 2, at 2 p.m. Just make sure if you encounter a trainer in the wild that you keep the duels friendly and stop the fights when someone faints.

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