The baaaaaaddest simulator of all time is heading to a retail store near you.

Deep Silver has announced that it has acquired the North American distribution rights for Coffee Stain Studios' goat-centric sensation, Goat Simulator. One of the strangest and funniest titles to recent memory, Goat Simulator has you playing as a frantic goat wreaking (and reeking) havoc across town.  Enjoy all of its bizarre physics as you headbutt cars, get hit by cars, and put your immortal goat through some of the most extravagant and devious predicaments possible. The retail edition of Goat Simulator will include all of the game's content from patch 1.1, which features new goats, bike-riding, skateboarding, four-player split screen and capture the flag.

Goat Simulator should be in your local retail store's PC gaming section sometime by mid-July for the low price of $9.99. Goat Simulator is also a part of a Steam sale right now for $5.99. We assure you, once you start having your goat cause chaos throughout a suburban town, there's no going back, especially when your goat has a jet pack strapped to its back.