Prepare to jetpack a group of kids into the sky, because Goat Simulator is adding multiplayer and a ton of other major features in its upcoming update.

Coffee Stains Studios has announced the details of what is coming to Goat Simulator in Patch 1.1. This content update adds a new map featuring a ferris wheel which you can supercharge with car batteries. Your goat will now be able to balance on its front legs and ride a bike, which sounds like an amazing pair of tricks. There will also be new achievements, more customization options and additional goats to play as, such as the Tornado Goat, Repulsive Goat and Shopping Goat.

More importantly, localized multiplayer is being added with Patch 1.1. Coffee Stain Studios has already clarified that online multiplayer is likely to never happen due to a variety of coding issues, but having up to four billies cause chaos in a single stage is still going to offer tons of entertainment. Goat Simulator Patch 1.1 is set to release on June 3.