GamesCom 2014 is coming next week, but it seems the German gaming community is so excitedabout upcoming announcements that they let one Mortal Kombat X reveal slip a little too soon.

Scans of a unnamed German gaming magazine surfaced on Twitter showing Kano, the Black Dragon assassin with the Phantom of the Opera face, as he faces off against new MKX character Kotal Kahn. The scans say that one of Kano's three styles will focus on wrestling moves, bringing us ever closer to a Zangief guest appearance in Mortal Kombat. The Red Cyclone would be awesome, admit it.

In their report on the leak, IGN mentions that Mortal Kombat series creator Ed Boon teased new announcements during the big Euro gaming show, but we think he intended to be the one delivering the news. Still, seeing Kano back in action is pretty cool, though we wonder what he's been doing in the 20 years since MK9. Apparently he's been working out a lot.

When we saw Mortal Kombat X at E3, we thought that there may be a lot of new faces among the roster considering the four revealed at that show. If this leak is true and Kano is indeed in the game, that puts the known roster at eight, four returning characters and four brand new ones. Since Raiden and now Kano were the last two reveals, we think next week in Germany will be the unveiling of some new blood to spill.

We'll learn more about MKX and many other games when GamesCom 2014 kicks off Aug. 13-17 from Cologne, Germany.