Winter is coming, but so is a potentially great series from Telltale Games.

The New York Times reports that the A Song of Fire and Ice series (which was adapted into HBO's 'Game of Thrones') author George R.R. Martin has his personal assistant helping Telltale Games with its episodic gaming series based on the franchise. Telltale Games achieved widespread popularity and praise for its first season of The Walking Dead, which was based on Robert Kirkman's original comic series, not its AMC hit television show. In this situation though, HBO was the company that brokered the deal with Telltale after watching a 10-minute long demo of what the studio had planned for its game of the franchise.

“We were struck by the sophisticated level of work and high-quality approach to storytelling in all of their games,” Josh Goodstadt, the vice president for global licensing at HBO, said. “We quickly recognized that this same level of quality and dedication could be a great complement to the richness of ‘Game of Thrones.’ ”

Joining Telltale Games in making their version of a Westeros-based story is Ty Corey Franck, personal assistant to George R.R. Martin. Franck will be acting as a story consultant on the game's development. Telltale has signed a multi-year deal with HBO that will have the developer making an ongoing, episode/season-based series similar to The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

“We’re solving problems on a story level that other game companies don’t even realize are problems,” said Telltale founder Dan Connors. “We’re approaching this like it was a film or television series.”

With Telltale's track record of quality combined with the inclusion of Ty Corey Franck, we can't wait to see what kind of stellar tale gets told involving the Iron Throne.