Given that it's being done by the team that helped make Modern Warfare a household name, it's only right that Titanfall has its own form of a prestige system.

MP1ST reported that Generations will act as Titanfall version of Call of Duty's original prestige mode. This builds on the lore-oriented multiplayer that Titanfall will be bringing. The concept behind Generations is that after reaching Titanfall's maximum online level, 50, you can get a new body that is smarter and acquires experience even faster than before, hinting that this new character is the offspring of the one you just leveled. Unfortunately, you have to sacrifice every unlock, rank and challenge that you achieved along the way when jumping to the next generation/prestige.

Further compounding the report is a NeoGAF user who claimed to have uncovered the in-game art for Generations icons. There are believed to be ten different Generations you can go through, each with its own designation and design. The beta only allowed players to progress to a capped level 14, but it does indeed sound possible for Respawn to include such a feature for avid players.

We can't wait to try and shoot our way through all available 10 generations of Titanfall's multiplayer when it unlocks on March 11 for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.