Marcus, Dom, Carmine and the rest of Delta Squad are back in this gorgeous teaser trailer for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Xbox and The Coalition (formerly known as Black Tusk Studios) has released a teaser trailer for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and it sure looks pretty. Watching Marcus and Dom running from that hulking Brumak left me filled with delight, terror and nostalgia. Seeing General Raam in the trailer left me with an urge to fill him up with Lancer bullets one more time. I was particularly happy to see the Brumak in the Imulsion, as many fans forget how big a role it played in Gears of War's overall lore.

Imulsion is a luminescent, volatile liquid that was used as fuel by both the Locust and the humans on Sera. It's actually a living parasite that feeds off of living beings and the planet, slowly mutating anything it bonds with. By the time Gears 3 came out, the Imulsion started mutating everything. Marcus Fenix's scientist father was unable to provide a solution to the Lambent/mutation problem, which resulted in Queen Myrrah raging war on humanity.

After trying the Ultimate Edition's open multiplayer beta this past weekend, I have to admit that I was rather impressed by how great things looked. While the beta didn't particularly add anything new to the Gears formula, it was refreshing to see everything redesigned for the Xbox One. I can't wait to see what else The Coalition has in store for the COGs.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will launch on Aug. 25 for Xbox One. Gears of War 4 will be launching sometime during the 2016 holiday season.