Some early beta footage for Gears of War's Xbox One remaster has surfaced, showcasing some bloody awesome gameplay.

Xboxdvr user ElitistPath05 posted some impressive footage of the Xbox One's upcoming Gears of War remake. While the footage has been removed, nothing ever truly disappears from the Internet, as we have found other sources of watching the footage, courtesy of NeoGAF.

In the first video, we get some multiplayer test footage of Marcus Fenix throwing around a few frag grenades, as well as the game's improved explosion effects. Watching the Grub blow up into a dozen bloody pieces was awesome, and all of the animation of the video was looking really crisp. We're also glad to hear John DiMaggio is back in the saddle as the voice of Marcus Fenix. Then again, Marcus' lines in the gameplay footage could just be sound bites from the original game.

The second video appears to be in the same battleground, featuring a Locust blowing away a trio of Marcus Fenix characters with a shotgun. We get to see more awesome blood-splattering effects as well as a few seconds of running. We're certainly digging the revamped lighting and sound effects. YouTuber EMK KrAuSeR™ posted some awesome beta footage of Gears of War as well (provided above). While this video is in Spanish, we do get to see the torque bow and shotgun in action, as well as some melee attacks. The video mentions that the remaster's beta featured 60fps, smoke effects, improved textures and better lighting.

While all of this footage is impressive and a game called Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was recently cleared by Brazil's video game ratings board, nothing has been officially confirmed by Xbox or Black Tusk Studios yet. Fortunately, E3 2015 is right around the corner, and we'll provide all the coverage you need for the COGs return.

Black Tusk Studios
Black Tusk Studios