Warner Brothers has released a new trailer for the upcoming Gauntlet revival, and every second of the minute-and-a-half video is oozing with retro flair.

The trailer, called "Gear Up for Battle," gives us glimpses of in-game action, all of which emulates the classic Gauntlet style from years ago. It's a top-down adventure with screens full of enemies and plenty of powerful attacks and spells to put them down, just as we hoped.

The trailer also shows off some of the customization options the new Gauntlet will offer, cycling through weapons and armor for all four of the main classes. Every Warrior axe, Valkyrie spear, Elven bow, and Wizard staff looks extremely powerful in its own way, and the many suits of armor we see proves we'll have plenty of choices to make when it's time to get into Gauntlet.

What the trailer doesn't show, however, is a list of consoles that Gauntlet is coming to, merely naming PC as its intended platform. For now, console owners will be missing out on the retro action, and that's a bit disheartening for those with us without powerful PC rigs.

The new Gauntlet is due to release on PC in September, but we're hoping to learn more about the game next week at E3 2014.