Ahead of its GDC debut, Gamesoft has announced its first game, Clockwork, a puzzle platformer with a time-saving twist.

Gamesoft is a new development company based in Australia, and apparently has a thing for puzzles and platforms. Before the formal unveiling at next week's GDC, Gamesoft pulled back the curtain on its debut game, Clockwork. Described as a gorgeous platform adventure, Clockwork will offer an engaging narrative supported by puzzles that feature time manipulation.

The game looks pretty interesting from just the snippets you can catch in the trailer. It will be set in a city called Watchtower, where the survivors of the great plague are struggling to find shelter in metal walls and metal bodies. It's a city of sharp contrasts, where the poverty that is wreaking havoc is being spotlighted by the shining of huge spires. As a player, you will control Atto, a young boy who is just trying to overcome the obstacles that keep blocking his path. However, thanks to his mechanical companion, Atto is able to duplicate himself to make the tasks easier.

"Tucked away in the busy lanes of Sydney's oldest suburb, the talented team at Gamesoft has worked tirelessly for the last eight months on this mind-boggling game," Gamesoft's CEO, Vishal Gumber proclaims. "Clockwork is by no means an indie game, even though it is Gamesoft's debut. Our young team is ready to take on the best of AAA when Clockwork releases later this year."

Clockwork will be fully revealed at GDC 2015 on March 2-6, and will officially come out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and mobile platforms sometime later this year.