Author George R.R. Martin's own fondness for video games is a major reason why he hasn't delved into the two official titles based on Game of Thrones.

"I've looked at them," said Martin in an interview with The Verge. "I've met with some of the video game guys, the designers, they came in and showed me some. But I played a few video games back in the 80s and it wasn't that I didn't like them. It was that I liked them too much. And I think I probably lost a novel or two there, cause I would get hooked on something and I would be playing it over and over again, and I would be staying up all night. Just one more game, just one more game. So, video games can be very addictive."

Martin, who has two more novels planned in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, added that it has been a schizoid experience balancing his books as well as keeping up with the HBO series. "If I added video games to the mix I'd really go mad," said the author.

The PC strategy title A Game of Thrones: Genesis and the Cyanide Studio RPG Game of Thrones have taken the gaming journey to Westeros. A Game of Thrones MMO is currently being developed by Bigpoint, and the social strategy title Game of Thrones Ascent is currently in open beta.