This intergalactic, planetary shooter puts you in the cockpit of a spaceship where strategic, aerial maneuvering is key.

Given the randomly-generated areas of Galak-Z, we're glad to see that its animations look so smooth. Since you only have one life per run, you must prioritized survival and avoidance over everything, including shooting, which is strange for a shoot 'em up, but reminiscent of the frenzied gameplay of Contra. At the same time, Galak-Z seems like a modern version of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic, Solar Jetman, which had similar navigational and shooting mechanics.

Galak-Z levels are never the same and your controls are physics-based, so be prepared to always be on your toes while playing Galak-Z. Given that 17-Bit built Galak-Z as one massive level instead of multiple stages, this game provides an excellent open world experience that always feels unpredictable. Combined with its randomly-spawning enemies and traps, everything in Galak-Z feels alive and new, regardless of whether or not you are in an area of the map you are familiar with. Be prepared to engage enemies with your brain more so than your trigger finger. For example, environmental hazards can harm enemies just as much as they can kill you, so it's up to you if you want to try to force your enemies into them or navigate your ship into small tunnels that are bound to rough-up anything that tries to fly through them.

17-Bit is hoping to launch Galak-Z: The Dimensional later this summer for PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC.