Custom private matches and the ability to name your loadouts are just some of the changes on the horizon for Respawn Entertainment's mechanized FPS.

Steve Fukuda, game director of Titanfall, has posted on the game's official website some of the upcoming changes we should expect to see in Titanfall's future. The director admitted that minor bugs and errors still need to be addressed, along with some weapon-balancing, but Fukuda also mentions that the matchmaking interface needs to be changed in order to provide more balanced rosters for those who play multiple rounds in a row.

The next update coming to Titanfall will give you the abilty to make custom loadouts that will appear in certain game modes and to rename each one. You will also be able to view the scoreboard from the last match while waiting in lobbies in the Last Game Summary page.There will also be new Burn Cards for you to experiment with through the various game modes as well. Finally, Titan "Nose Art" decals/insignias will allow you to customzie the look of your giant mech.

Unfortunately, Fukuda did not give any word as to when we can expect these changes to be implemented into the game, but we're expecting sometime in May to coincide with the release of Titanfall's Expedition DLC.