Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest game in the Angry Birds franchise and it might just be Rovio's most ambitious entry to date in the series. And yes, we loved the game, and hopefully our review didn't convince you to buy it. But if you didn't, perhaps these five fun things about Angry Birds Star Wars will turn you from the App Store dark side.

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    Cool Cut Scenes

    The artwork on display in Angry Birds Star Wars is nothing short of fantastic. The expanded cinematic trailer, which plays out like a cartoon version of Episode IV, could be the pilot for an awesome Angry Birds cartoon series. The stills shown in Angry Birds Star Wars not only advance the story for gamers, but also make you laugh.

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    Bonus Icons

    Even after beating the game we have yet to unlock all of the icons shown in the screenshot below. Is this content going to be made available when the Hoth update arrives? Or did we miss a bunch of stuff? We know that the game lets you level up your birds (we have yet to figure this out), and that there are a lot of bonus levels, so a second play through may be in order.

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    Tons of Content

    One thing you can't say about Angry Birds Star Wars is that it's light on content. Between the Tatooine and Death Star levels, you'll be playing the game for hours. And if you spend a couple of extra bucks (it's worth it), you get to play on Dagobah, a stage that offers 30+ more levels and lets you upgrade your lightsaber. Plus there are the bonus levels that you unlock while you play the game. AND the Hoth update is coming sooner rather than later. Not too mention all of the other episodes they could pack into the game. Bad Piggies Darth Maul, anyone?

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    C3PO & R2-D2

    While the bonus levels may be tough to access and play, hearing an Angry Birds version of C3PO softly say, "Oh, my." before being launched is hilarious. R2-D2 also makes the familiar beeps and boops we've become accustomed to hearing over the years.

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    Luke's Lightsaber / Han Solo's Blaster

    The addition of a lightsaber and blaster add more depth to each level Luke and Han appear in. Can you pass each level without using their weapons? Perhaps. But it'll be really tough trying to do so. And who would want to? Not when it's so much fun blasting shots off of walls and tearing through Stormtroopers with your lightsaber. We can't wait to see what's next with other Star Wars characters. Bring it on, Angry Birds Boba Fett!


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